REWILD: Women group immersion

Reclaim your Full Expression & Sensual aliveness

Gatherings in Mallorca (Palma city)

Your Soma Exploration

As Women we are cyclical beings, although we suppress our full expression.

We suppress our sexuality as it is bad or “dirty”. We don’t allow ourselves to feel or slow down…

This not only causes dis-ease in the body but also can be root cause of irregular periods, depression & anxiety.

Grounding from a place of authenticity, allow yourself to explore within your Soma (body), what is draining you?

What do you truly miss in your life? Would you like to embody more of it? Scroll down.

Life in your full bloom

After a life not expressing our own truth, we can become insecure about ourselves and our bodies, afraid to use our voices, feeling stuck & drained. We become the people pleasers disconnecting from what we truly desire, being afraid to be rejected and deprive ourselves from pleasure & fulfilment in life.

RE-WILD will  help you to reconnect with the body as a safe place to be & remember how does it feel to give yourself PERMISSION to be! This is a place of humanness to cry if you need, SCREAM, play and invite curiosity to explore any shape of you: the Sweet tenderness, the Wild Woman, the Innocent Eros and perhaps the one that wishes to be held after a long time of losing herself to others. 

Begin to learn how to listen to your body’s wisdom, release from the judgments and reconnect with what it means to fully BE YOU.

freedom is your birthright.

“In the naked of my own truth I STAND. Breaking the walls to reclaim what was NEVER YOURS but MINE” Clara.

Your experience includes:

All Your Inner Seasons reflected in a Transformational Women Program:

* 4 day’s: 27-28-29-30th of March (2-4pm)option to buy a day ticket

Be part of my Embodied Women Community and learn all about your body.

– If you go for the full program (4 days) you’ll also receive:

Recorded Embodied & Somatic practices to explore in the intimacy of your own home.

*1-1 Somatic Session to integrate your full experience.

LOCATION: Sadhana Works, Carrer de Sant Feliu, 17, local 8 & 9, 07012, Palma (

Somatic experiencing and Shadow integration opens you to a sense of intimacy, belonging & safety to be you. Through somatics we will address the unconscious barriers, release through breath work & use the Intuitive movement to create space to express & EMBODY what you truly desire.

Moving like a butterfly

We will gather 4 times a month. If you can not attend to all, you have the option to buy daily tickets.

These activities are only a guide. We’ll flow with the energy of the group and you are always welcome to share your gifts.

Day 1- 27 march

"The River is you"
Cacao Ceremony+ Tantra

Build Safety to reconnect with your body & regulate your Nervous System.

Open your heart, let yourself be tender, held & RECEIVE love from your sisters.

Embrace your emotions & become aware of what is your true intention/desires.

We will close celebrating ourselves with an exercise of visualisation & intuitive movement.

LOVE is our keyword.

Day 2- 28 march

" The Sensual Soma "
Automassage & Sensual Flow

This is our soma exploration, to meet our own needs & create space to explore also sensations that feels good in the body.

Create space to explore different aspects of Shame and naked into your own truth.

Allow yourself to explore your innocence, treat yourself with gentle nourishing massage and explore your sensuality in a sacred space. 

RECEIVE is our keyword.

Day 3- 29 march

"Rebirth: Slowly reawakening"
Embodiment & Breathwork

After diving into the safety and fully nurture ourselves this is the time to slowly reawaken as we move at your own pace.

With a gentle feminine approach we will dive into the breath, releasing trapped emotions, memories and give voice to what is inside of you that is ready to scream: “I AM HERE. I AM VALUED”, knowing that you are worthy to reclaim this space and this body.

RELEASE is our keyword.

Day 4- 30 march

"Into the Wild we go"
Full Embody Ritual

This is your wild ceremony to explore the sexuality, EROS and freedom within the body. We’ll reconnect with the denied parts of yourself and let them bloom.

We’ll use Kriya’s to explore our primal energy, VOICE our desires, shaking fears & move in whatever way feels good in YOUR own body.

Allow yourself to have fun and explore who you are in your FULL expression.

PERMISSION is our keyword.

Trauma-informed, Embodied Attunment , Safety & Power of choice.

Shame Soothes in Empathetic Witnessing. We’ll try to maintain the same group to cultivate a sense of trust & TRUE SISTERHOOD.

 However, the option to buy a day ticket exists to be inclusive.

For this, I will always follow a trauma-informed approach and limit the spaces to make our sanctuary nice and warm.

You’ll have the POWER of choice to only explore what feels safe.

Your facilitator:

I am Somatic Coach, Embodied Yoga teacher & Energy Healer. After years of suppressed trauma, going through an eating disorder and an abusive relationship, I found my soul-purpose guiding Women into their sacred bodies & reclaim it as a safe place to be.

I did my Masters in Psychology and I specialised myself in supporting survivors. I  devoted to create these spaces for Women that just like me went through trauma, creating a body based sanctuary for them to explore their deep wounds & find their way into FREEDOM.

This is a supportive community that works with somatics, nervous system regulation, embodiment, reiki, cyclical awareness, shadow work & inner child healing.

This group aims to support Women to become resourceful, learn how to flow with the seasons, redefine sensuality and explore their true passions and feelings. In here you are FREE to be.

This is your community. Your HOME. Your FAMILY.

Welcome my love.

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1) 30 euros per day

2) PROMO: 100 euros for a pack of 4 days


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