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The spiritual meaning of butterfly is RE-birth. After years of trying to process her own trauma, Clara found herself HOME working with Somatic therapy and Embodiment Practices. Her passion is to create safe containers for Women to reconnect with their cyclical bodies and find their authentic sensual expression. 

She is an Somatic Coach, Embodied Yoga Teacher and Energy healer specialised in trauma. Her practices follow a trauma-informed approach, carefully selected to process your own emotions, redefine boundaries, release people pleasing & reconnect with your self-worth- Moving from shame to unconditional love.

She offers 1-1 sessions & group immersions. Some of the tools she uses: Somatic Experiencing, Feminine embodiment, Energy Work, Shadow Work & Inner child healing. She founded Be a Butterfly as a beautiful project that creates opportunity to transform inside-out from our cocoon to our FREEDOM.

ways to work with me

embodied yoga. 1.1 Somatic coaching. group immersions

Are you tired to figure out who you are and who you want to be? Afraid to be judged or abandoned? I feel you my love… 

Our bodies are our teachers-Most of our embodied fears are stored in our Womb and for generations we are carrying what once was unhealed. It would be an honour to create a safe space for you to be held & seen, where you can be honest, reconnect with your body & find a sense of coming home– How does it feel?

Embodiment is a tool that will help you reconnect with your own truth. It leads the way to discover your talents, build a life ruled by passion and a purpose given career. Find safety self-exploring your sensual aliveness and unfold who you are as a Woman.  I would love to invite you to a FREE Connection call to get to know me without commitment. You are welcome as you are.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment means to fully be in our bodies, explore the energy, sensations and feelings. All emotions and thoughts have a body connection.

Embodiment creates an opportunity to be in touch with it and express through movement whatever we are holding on to. This not only helps to release the physical and emotional pain but also release the trapped energy that is making us feel drained or stuck. Because our Subconscious mind does not communicate through words, embodiment is the way to ground through the experience of the body we “re-claim” as it is a SAFE place to be.

What is an Embodiment Coach?

We use our body as tool to understand what is truly aligned with us: the goals that we defined, the projects that we designed, the words we use to market ourselves, the relationships that are in our lives.

Through the body sensations we can truly feel if anything sparkles our hearts. When we are doing something that is not what we truly want our vibrations are low and we feel a sense of emptiness/ loss of direction.

When you feel confident to be in your body without FEAR, you will be able to attract healthier relationships and the Career that you deserve because you know exactly what you want and who you want to be- You are Embodied.

embodied yoga

Embodied Yoga

I was blessed with the House of OM (Bali) that inspired me to always be my authentic self.  Yoga is Home for me, where I can be myself without judgments, to explore my emotions and flow with it. Yoga is FREEDOM, a pure act of Self-Love.

I teach Embodied Yoga: An self-exploration journey that goes beyond the accomplishment of the postures but more about feeling and witnessing with curiosity what unfolds. It includes a combination of somatic healing and embodiment practices to dive deeper into our bodies, emotions, sensations & elements, creating resilience and reconnecting with joy & pleasure in life. 

Join me in Mallorca for a FULL Embodiment experience or invite me to teach at your place (Studio, Retreat, Village).

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one-one sessions

Our emotions have a big impact on our physical and energy body. Years of people pleasing, putting ourselves into a “box”, not being able to express ourselves can make us feel insecure, disconnected & not valued.

When we create a safe place to express it, we are not just releasing the emotional body but also balancing the energy within. You become more aware of what is holding you back (e.g, wounds, beliefs), what truly aligns with you (e.g. the job or relationship that you are in, what you truly love to do) and learn to TRUST on your inner intuition.

Embodiment helps us to reconnect with our body, recognise our emotions and nourish its needs. The difference from any other therapy is that we drop from the mind to be fully in touch with our own truth. 

starting on 8th of march

This is your home, your family, your safe place to be.

Learn more about your Nervous System and Reconnect with your Sacred Body through tantra, empowering embodiment practices and somatic exercises.  

How can this help?
– Feeling less lonely & develop a sense of belonging.
– Be inspired by other Women stories.
– Get access to resources that you can use on daily basis at ANY TIME.
– Join the sisterhood supportive chat.

Click on the link below and discover all that includes.

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REIKi & womb healing

only available in person

As a Medicine Woman I bring to my sessions a holistic approach integrating Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound healing, Healing frequencies and Crystals. 

When the energy is trapped in our bodies we can experience emotional & physical pain. Reiki helps to stimulate the natural healing of the body and allows us to rebalance our energy channels through a non-evasive treatment. It is proved to support patients with cancer, anxiety and depression. I often use essentials oils & meditation as way to guide you into a relaxing state.

With Women I dedicate time for Womb healing to cleanse old emotional wounds and blocks. On request, these sessions can be combine with a therapeutic massage. At the end of the session there is always a space to explore what rises, receive love and support. Extra tools are given to help you balance your chakras. 

Come as you are, my love 🌹

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