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Episode 1

A heart-melting conversation between Clara and Grace, discussing past eating disorders, sharing beautiful tools to find freedom within our bodies and to remind ourselves that we are beyond body shape. Grab your favorite blanket and listen with an open heart.

Episode 2

How are you truly feeling? What if you can give yourself permission to be? Moon’s are beautiful reminders for us to reflect and evolve. Learn to flow with it instead of against it. We will create a safe container in this podcast to reconnect with our hearts so we can feel, let go and nourish ourselves with love. 

Episode 3

It is in the moments of self-honesty and courageous vulnerability that we find our true power. The feminine loves to romanticise life, to slow down & really acknowledge what truly makes us happy in order to plant the seeds for the new cycle.

Episode 4

Do you feel like you can speak the truth to your partner? Do you feel safe and nourished in your relationship? How can you both create a sacred space to express emotions? What is truly intimacy? How to cope with Jealously, Rage or different interests? 

Episode 5

Are you constantly feeling that you are not good enough? Chasing external feminine figures that validates your work? These traits are associated with the Mother Wound and this conversation with Grace will enlighten your heart.

Episode 6

“Who do I need to be to feel worthy of love? Why don’t they love me? Years of putting ourselves into a Good Girl “Box” trying to prove our worth, people pleasing or even making ourselves small for reactive men has a deep relation with the Father Wound.

Episode 7

As I always say my love, our Sacral Chakra & our Hearts are so deeply connected. The love & attachment, the dualities & indecisions, openness to experience life itself, the fear to feel and be disappointed… We have been experiencing so much lately with so many shifts, twists & turns, it is time to allow ourselves to take care & honor our feelings. 

Episode 8

This episode offers a beautiful somatic & energy healing journey to explore how can you align with the present energies, how do you know that the energy is moving in your body, what does your body need & explore themes such us Sense of Belonging, Inner Power & Inner Child Healing

Episode 9

Sometimes underneath rage there is sadness- “Why does no one see my pain?” “You don’t understand me”. How many times did you felt this way? This is a place for you to land my love. We often want to fix or push away emotions. We become what we need in order to survive that we forget that maybe a new version of us wants to be born. 

Episode 10

How to tap into our intuition to know if everything is aligned with what we truly desire? How we can use our cycle as an opportunity to be creative & work smart instead of work hard? Selina guides us on a beautiful journey of body awareness to explore this POWER of creation and inner guidance to manifest the life that we want. 

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