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Clara is devoted to creating these sacred spaces for Women to reconnect with their bodies in a safe way. She has an innate capacity for deep feeling creating this body based sanctuary for Women where they can feel safe exploring their deep wounds that seek for love. 

She offers these group sessions to support Women gathering tools to become resourceful, to drop from their daily “masks” to truly be themselves. This is a supportive community that works with somatics, nervous system regulation, feminine embodiment, cyclical awareness, shadow work, inner child healing and much more.

In a world that wants us to be hyper-productive, we might feel ‘broken”, unproductive and not good enough. In this space we’ll learn how to honour our own pace, our emotions and our cyclical nature as Women. If you are looking for a sense of belonging:

This is your community. Your HOME. Your Family.

Welcome my love.

Your Journey to Unfold

Embodiment means to fully be in the body to feel & sense our emotions so that we might embrace & express them in empowered ways. This creates a space for you to become resourceful, shifting from being overwhelmed to more rooted, secure and confident of who you are. 

Join this immersive journey of Embodiment Somatic practices to reconnect with the body, learn how to self-hold, self-regulate and reconnect with your pleasure, power & soulful purpose.

Below you will find everything that is included to start to your EMBODIED JOURNEY.  Are you ready?


  • LIVE SOMATIC GROUP SESSIONS. Be held by your sisters while you practice meeting your needs and learn how to become resourceful. 
  •  Access to On Going Pre-Recorded Embodied Practices with a trauma informed approach. 
  • SOMATIC TOOL KIT: FULL Permission to take up space to process emotions, be seen and support lost parts of yourself that were not allowed to be expressed and might be sicking for love.
  • A library of Embodied Yoga Practices to practice listening to the body, reconnect with your sensuality & find liberation to express your authentic self.
  • Self-Care Practices: Deep devotion to the feminine with slow, tantric practices, Gentle Stretches& Auto-massage: Relax the Vagus Nerve, Di-stress & Nurturing yourself with love.

And more

  • Guided Meditations, Mirror Work & Breath Work to alchemise your emotions & rejuvenate your energy.
  • Sisterhood Talks: Educational Videos about different thematics that helps you understand better your inner landscape and explore different tools that will support your healing journey.
  • PLUS 1x Masterclass per month to learn more about your body: You are always invited to organise your own if you wish to share your gifts. 
  • Sisterhood Group Chat for support & 20% off future retreats. 
  • Free Resources for you to become your own Healer.
  • NOTE: When you start your FREE 7 day trial, no credit card details are required. After 7 days will you receive an email / notifcation to upgrade to a paid plan if you wish.

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try 7 days for free

(no credit card details required.)

Free 7 Day Trial

Finantial Difficulties?

Pay what you can
  • Select your price this month using a sliding scale. This includes 2 group sessions, 1 masterclass & the mentoring provided in the group chat.
  • Please contact me below & get the link to pay what you can. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to invest in themselves.

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What is Embodiment?

EMBODIMENT means to fully be in our bodies, explore the energy, sensations and feelings. All emotions and thoughts have a body connection. Embodiment creates an opportunity to be in touch with it and express through movement whatever we are holding on to. This not only helps to release the physical and emotional pain but also release the trapped energy that is making us feel drained or stuck. Because our Subconscious mind does not communicate through words, embodiment is the way to ground through the experience of the body we “re-claim” as it is a SAFE place to be.

What is an Embodiment Coach?

We use our body as tool to understand what is truly aligned with us: the goals that we defined, the projects that we designed, the words we use to market ourselves, the relationships that are in our lives.

Through the body sensations we can truly feel if anything sparkles our hearts. When we are doing something that is not what we truly want our vibrations are low and we feel a sense of emptiness/ loss of direction.

When you feel confident to be in your body without FEAR, you will be able to attract healthier relationships and the Career that you deserve because you know exactly what you want and who you want to be- You are Embodied.

Where do I access the Content & Live Sessions?

Once you pay you will have full access to the platform  where you will find all the content. The live events dates & links are going to be shared in our group chat along with the supported material.

Where are we going to do the live sessions?

The live sessions are going to be online. You will receive the information in the group chat and in your email. 

Get in Touch

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.