Nurturing & Reawakening

Women retreat

For the Women that wants to reconnect with their bodies, meet their own needs, embrace their emotions & empower their sacred being. We will start the day with spiritual practices by using the Cacao to open up our hearts, follow up with a gentle yoga flow, empowering tantric movement, free expression & nurturing somatic practices. This event aim to work with the feminine & slowly reawaken parts of ourselves that we wish to embody and left behind. Perhaps your joy, pleasure or fulfilment in life. Whatever it is, this is your REBIRTH.

1 day RETREAT in southend.

This event includes: Cacao, Embodied Yoga & Deep Somatic Healing, Shakti Dance, Breathwork and Reiki. You’ll receive a 1-1 Free Somatic call for integration after the event.

You are worthy of this time love. Come and join this immersive experience with other link-minded Women. 

£80/ person. £130 for 2 people.

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE: 20th at lunch time

21 Jan. 11:30 AM- 4:30 PM

Where? Mayura Yoga Studio, Southend-on-Sea, UK

Bring comfortable clothes to move. 

This event does not include lunch. We’ll go out for lunch around 1pm.

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about Clara

Guiding women into freedom🦋

Clara is an Embodiment Somatic Coach, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer. Master in psychology & passionate about Women Empowerment.

She brings a trauma-informed approach to her practices, involving the energy channels, moon cycles and womb healing. Her practices are carefully selected to create a safe containers for Women to reconnect with their bodies, honour their feelings, boundaries & recognise their self-worth.

She founded Be a Butterfly as a project to help Women reborn into their Full Expression through Somatic Therapy, Shadow Work, Embodied Yoga, Tantra, Breath work & Energy healing. She offers 1-1 Sessions, & Group Immersions.

On the link bellow you can explore her website & offers. She is excited to meet you on this journey.


What is Embodiment?

Embodiment means to fully be in our bodies, explore the energy, sensations and feelings. All emotions and thoughts have a body connection.

Embodiment creates an opportunity to be in touch with it and express through movement whatever we are holding on to. This not only helps to release the physical and emotional pain but also release the trapped energy that is making us feel drained or stuck. Because our Subconscious mind does not communicate through words, embodiment is the way to ground through the experience of the body we “re-claim” as it is a SAFE place to be.

What is an Embodiment Coach?

We use our body as tool to understand what is truly aligned with us: the goals that we defined, the projects that we designed, the words we use to market ourselves, the relationships that are in our lives.

Through the body sensations we can truly feel if anything sparkles our hearts. When we are doing something that is not what we truly want our vibrations are low and we feel a sense of emptiness/ loss of direction.

When you feel confident to be in your body without FEAR, you will be able to attract healthier relationships and the Career that you deserve because you know exactly what you want and who you want to be- You are Embodied.

kind words

“I feel better than a week ago, more lighter with all the energy work we did.
My relationship with my mother is getting better and I now recognise that I need to make more room for myself.
I didn't love myself or my image. Clara helped me to find space to finally understand how to give myself love to never lose myself again or be afraid to be rejected by others.”
“Clara is such a lovely being. She guided me through a very nourishing practice, reconnecting with my womb. I had opportunity to talk to my past and finally had an opportunity to let go.
After some sessions & inner work my left ovary started to work again and I am starting to be more and more passionate about the idea of being a mother. So, thank you so much to help me find safety within.
Clara is such a being of light and full of positive energy. I love that you can feel that she pours everything into her classes and work. She is very caring and attentive, always showing interest for how you are processing things, which makes all the difference. I would heart-openly recommend trying her sessions as she has a wide range of different methodologies for wellbeing and mental health.
Tania G.
“Clara is such a wise and magical person! She is full of knowledge to share it with those who show interest in self awareness, healing processes, the moon, mental health & more. I had the pleasure of enjoying a yoga class with Clara and thanks to her I discovered how good it feels to have a choice to decide how do I want to move my body. I really love the FREEDOM she provides.

I can't express enough how fortunate I am to have found Clara as my embodiment therapist. She is a truly powerful, beautiful, and loving soul who provides the most safe and compassionate container for self-exploration. Clara's approach to working with my deep wounds, ones that left me feeling broken and unworthy, has been nothing short of transformative. In the nomadic journey of seeking healing and growth, I've encountered incredible teachers from all corners of the world, but Clara's sessions have a unique depth and gentleness that I've never experienced before. Her gentle, soft, and kind presence reminds me that a compassionate look is always welcomed on the path to self-discovery. With Clara, I've learned that I am not broken; I am whole, I am worthy, and I am grateful for the profound healing she has facilitated in my life.

“My session with Clara felt like a warm nourishing embrace.
She supported me to feel so at ease and relaxed in the space.
Clara has a beautiful pace to her offerings, and with is and her gentle guidance, I felt safe with her to explore my inner world.
The spaciousness that Clara offered in her session, along with beautifully timed, reflections and invitations for deeper self-enquiry, supported me to meet new parts of myself.
And with her compassionate curiosity, Clara enabled me to stay connected with these parts of me following our session too, inspiring me to explore deeper integration and the reclaiming of lost parts, within my own practices.
I have a picture that deeply celebrates the parts of myself that I explored with Clara this summer 🙂
I am beyond grateful for her tenderness, her care, and her skilful curiosity which sparked my inner playful wild woman.
Thank you Clara, for supporting me to be more of me. From my heart to yours, I am so grateful.

So much love,
After the breath work, I slept like a baby.
Just like magic, all the pain in my body disappear and I was able to feel more lighter.
I am still trying to reconnect with my inner child as all that was pure was taken away from her. However, I am bringing her every day a little. I am feeling like a new woman, giving power to my voice, listen to my intuition. I am coming HOME.

Yoga became part of my morning routine.
I learning to start to prioritise myself, my rest and take it slow. To honour my own needs. The mantras you share are divine.
Thank you so much.